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About Us ~
We are an individual non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors nominated by fellow center members and who strictly serve as volunteers in their positions.

Mission Statement ~
Our primary mission is to provide services to seniors 60 years of age or older to maintain high quality independent lives, while encouraging use of the Senior Center services by all members of our community. Our focus is to make available nutritious meals and provide social opportunities for activities in a safe environment.

Our Board Members 2024 ~
Jan Jackson
Greg Willison
Peggy Burruss 
Mary S. Ziegler                                                    
David Fisher
Billie J. Clark, Secretary/Treasurer               
Rosette Treat
Tee Hurd
Pat Miller, Alternate                       

Employees  ~
Melanie McCollum, Kitchen Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
Ronald Wedel, Kitchen Assistant

Our Physical Address ~                                         Our Mailing Address ~
New Plymouth Senior Center                          New Plymouth Senior Center
126 N. Plymouth Ave.                                         PO Box 506
New Plymouth, ID 83655                                   New Plymouth, ID 83655

NPSC Phone: 208-278-5320
NPSC Email Address:
Facebook: New Plymouth Senior Center

Our Town of New Plymouth ~
In Payette County, Idaho, you’ll find a horseshoe populated by around 1,500 people.

The U-shaped town of New Plymouth covers just under 0.7 square miles and was first laid down in 1896, its name a nod to Plymouth, Massachusetts. The town is laid out in a symmetrical, double horseshoe shape, bordered by an 80-foot park, railroad, and river.

New Plymouth was originally a colony town. Located along the Snake River basin, seven miles west of Idaho’s Oregon border, the town was a project of Chicago irrigation promoter William E. Smythe, founder of “The New Plymouth Society of Chicago.” He urged men to go west and develop land with the help of irrigation and intended for the oddly shaped New Plymouth to support his arguments for irrigation.

The location of New Plymouth was chosen due to the abundant water supply via the Payette River. Today, a system of ditches still runs parallel to the roads and drains into the canal, providing any paying landowner access to irrigation water for their garden or lawn. Waterwheels can still be found working to supply water to the land.

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